PolkaDot L cuffs | Polka Dot M cuffs | Don bangles | Dot Long SM choker


Suprematism collection is a set of designs inspired by the same titled renowned art movement of the 20th century.

Playing with the basic shapes of this movement, the circle, the line, the rectangle, the triangle, the cross,

Aumorfia creates pieces of distinctive geometry, one of the brand’s fundamental characteristics.

Made with leather, the main making material of Aumorfia items, the designs of Suprematism collection seek the essence of beauty through simplicity.

The circle, line, triangle and the cross standing alone or combined together in strict geometrical syntheses result in cuffs, earrings, belts, rings, brooches and necklaces

that act like small pieces of art, using the body and clothing as a canvas and the personality of their owner as the artist who will add the final touch.


Line Dot necklace | Dot Short SM choker


                                                               Dot Line pendant | Dot Line L earrings                                                                                     Dot Line pendant | Dot Line mini hoop earrings


Polka Dots belt | Dot Short L choker


Don Line pendant | Don Short L choker


Don belt | Polka Dots L hoop earrings


Polka Dots rings | Polka Dots brooches


Dot FS | Dot FM | Dot FL pendants


Online pendant | Line PS cuff | Line PXL ring


CrossX earrings | Cross Short L choker | Cross PM&PL cuffs | CrossX PM&PL cuffs | Cross PXL ring | CrossX PXL ring


Cross Long SM choker | CrossX Long SM choker | Cross M hoop earrings


Cross L hoop earrings | Cross S&L pendants | PL belt


Sharp S&M earrings | Sharp ring


Sharp hoop earrings | Sharp necklace | Sharp cuff


Sharp hoop ISO earrings


Concept & Art Direction Aumorfia


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